Our services

At Sharly Dubbing Production we offer tailor-made solutions to cover all your Post-Production needs.  Our Post-Production services cover a wide range, from Voice Over to Subtitling and from Editing to Mixing.  Our entire team of experts is mobilized to meet your expectations and deliver premium results.

Post Synchronization Dubbing

Post-translation dubbing in your chosen language from over 70 languages (including dialects).

Translation, Adaptation, Subtitling

Titling, subtitling and translation services for foreign-language transcriptions.

Video and Audio Editing

Video editing production: Video cutting, trimming, colorimetry, encoding.


Mixing, Voice Over Correction, Music Overlay and Effects Optimization services.

Our expertise

Dubbing and voice-over

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With over 1000 professional native speakers in more than 70 languages, including dialects, we ensure that your project reflects your message with the right tone and emotion.

Your message won’t be lost in translation or intonation.

As a professional audiovisual company, we are committed to offering you an exceptional experience through our Post-Production service in our studios for a wide range of projects (Trailers, Commercials, Feature Films, Shorts, Documentaries and Reportages, Series, Podcasts, Cinematic Video Games, Training Videos, etc.).

In addition to offering you quality Post-Production and Post-Synchronization services, we also offer you our expertise in all other Audiovisual services.

Translation adaptation and subtitling

Our team of professional translators includes over 1000 native speakers. We offer a meticulous translation service in over 70 languages (including dialects) with the highest level of translation and localization for all your audio and video files.

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We work on all types of script formats and ensure that the Adaptation and Subtitling is as accurate as possible. All Titles and Subtitles are developed in accordance with cultural nuances, social practices, typical expressions and more.


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Multichannel mixing including frequency content enhancement, sound level source and panning. Our mixing services also include cover-voice correction and effects optimization.

We also offer Music Composition Creation, Editing and Arrangements, as well as Mastering and Sound Recovering processing techniques.

Video and audio editing

Notre équipe de monteurs transforment une image ou une information quelconque en une expérience captivante.

Nous prenons en considération votre budget pour vous assurer la solution la plus rentable pour votre projet.

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Nos services audios assurent la meilleure qualité de son masterisé avec restitution ou amélioration des effets sonores.

We make the difference

Our skills

We offer you the best Post-Production, Voice-Over, Subtitling, Editing and Mixing services to give you the best possible result.

Quality Service

We offer you the best Post-Production, Voice-Over, Subtitling, Editing and Mixing service to give you the best possible result.

A talented team

Our international team is made up of native translators and actor-interpreters, expert studio engineers and certified management and support staff.

Personalized Customer Service

Offering a personalised service to add value to your programmes and making customer satisfaction a priority

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