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We are committed to offering you an outstanding experience through our services.

Our Services

At Sharly Dubbing Production, we offer nothing but top quality audiovisual services. Our dubbing, voice over, subtitling, editing, and mixing services promise to exceed your expectations. 

Dubbing & Voice Over

Professional dubbing services starting with translating the text to be dubbed into the Desired language.

Translation & Subtitling

Subtitling and translation services entail creating a text in your desired language.

Video & Audio Editing

Our video editing includes video trimming, cutting, color correction, grading, and more.


Offers multichannel mixing, including an effective enhancement of frequency content.

Dubbing & Voice Over

Dub all your Films and Movie Series with Sharly Dubbing Production

Sharly Dubbing Production goes beyond simply intelligible voice overs. By combining innovative dubbing technology with some of the best voice artists in the industry, we deliver uniquely tailored solutions for your dubbing and voice over needs. With access to over 1000 professional native speakers of more than 10 languages ​​including dialects, we will ensure your project clearly transmits your message with the right tonality and emotional depth. Your message will never get lost in translation, nor in intonation. The dubbing of your film or movie series will be of top quality – that is our promise!

Our dubbing services are also well suited for TV & radio commercial s, audio book or audio guide, trailers, training videos and teasers, beside full feature films (eg documentaries, animations) or movie series (eg Bollywood, Nollywood, soap operas).

Our team of professional translators includes over 1000 dependable, native language speakers with hundreds of translation hours on hand and an incredible track record of quality services. With their help, we offer high quality translation services in over 10 different languages including dialects. We will offer you only the highest standard of translation and localization of any audio and video files. We will work with any length script or document to properly and accurately subtitle or caption your production. All subtitling and captioning will be done professionally while matching subtle nuances like cultural and societal practices, idioms, mannerisms and more.

Translation, Subtitling & Captioning

Enjoy High Quality Translation, Subtitling & Captioning Services with Sharly Dubbing Production

Video & Audio Editing

Bring Your Production Alive with Sharly Dubbing Production’s Video & Audio Editing Services

Our well-trained and highly-competent team of certified editors will professionally handle your video and / or sound editing projects. Using cutting edge technology and editing software, our editors will turn even the driest information into a captivating experience. 

Not only that, but we also take into account your budget, making sure to offer you the most cost-effective solution for your project.

Our Clients

high quality
dubbing services

As a professional audiovisual company, we are committed to offering you an outstanding experience through our studio post production services for a wide range of projects ( trailers, training videos , advertisements, full feature films , etc.). Not only do we offer high quality dubbing and post-synchronization services, but we are also experts in all other audiovisual elements.

Located in Paris, France

An award-winning, post production studio

You’ve spent a fortune and too many gray hairs making sure your production quality is top-notch. Why waste your investment and efforts by hiring a sub-standard company for your post production studio services?

If you’re looking for a professional audiovisual services company that can take your project to the next level, then look no further.

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