Subtitling and translation services entail creating a text in a desired language by professional translators to be placed at the bottom of a video production. 

Captioning means transcribing the information presented in a video project. 

Subtitles and captions are the most underestimated nuggets of value in the video making industry.


Our team of professional translators includes over 1000 dependable, native language speakers with hundreds of translation hours on hand and an incredible track record of quality services. 

With their help, we offer high quality translation services in over 70 different languages including dialects. 

We will offer you only the highest standard of translation and localization of any audio and video files.

We will work with any length script or document to properly and accurately subtitle or caption your production. 

All subtitling and captioning will be done professionally while matching subtle nuances like cultural and societal practices, idioms, mannerisms and more.

high quality
dubbing services

As a professional audiovisual company, we are committed to offering you an outstanding experience through our studio post production services for a wide range of projects ( trailers, training videos , advertisements, full feature films , etc.). Not only do we offer high quality dubbing and post-synchronization services, but we are also experts in all other audiovisual elements.

Why Sharly Dubbing Production?


We are a professional, certified audio visual company that offers some of the best post production services in the industry. Our expertise translates into quality projects even under the tightest deadlines.

Talented Team

At Sharly Dubbing Production, we offer nothing but top quality audiovisual services. Our dubbing, voice over, subtitling, editing, and mixing services promise to exceed your expectations.

Talented Team

Sharly Dubbing Production is proud and grateful to work with a tight team of well-trained, certified editors, native translators and multilingual voice over artists. Therefore your dubbing, voice over and translation projects are in great hands with our professional and creative staff who can bring their best to the table even under time constraints.

Outstanding Customer Support

Our amazing team of responsive customer service representatives is always ready to offer technical advice and support at all times. We care about your satisfaction and success and we are ready to show it to you.

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